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Welcome to my website. I'm an eighteen year-old Midwestern girl, who loves to ride horses, and I also love competing in a variety of equestrian sports.

My parents tell me that pretty much since I could talk, I have wanted to ride horses. When I was eight, they finally let me start taking riding lessons, and when I was ten, I competed in my first horse trial, at Queeny Park, near St. Louis. I won that one at the Beginner Novice Level, and so began my love of the sport of Eventing. Over the last eight years that I have been competing in Eventing, I have been hugely blessed with much success. In my home region, USEA Area IV, I have won the annual championships at every available level, from Beginner Novice to Preliminary. I have also been the Area IV rider of the year at the Beginner Novice, Novice, Preliminary, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels. At the national level, I have won the American Eventing Championships at Preliminary, the USEF Young Rider two star Championship, and have been twice named the National Junior Preliminary Rider of the Year. At the international level, I have been a two time team one-star gold medalist at the North American Junior-Young Riders Championships, as well being the individual gold medalist once.

2010 was a particularly challenging year, with more than its share of ups and downs. On the down side, my horses and I had one of our worst Fall seasons ever, with a series of minor issues leading to a disappointing end of 2010. Also, I suffered only my second significant riding injury, a torn medial collateral knee lignament, while training one of my youngsters in the spring. Finally, my wonderful three-star horse, Call on Me, developed a tendon problem after we finished our first CCI 3*, and then while convalescing, suffered a bad hind leg laceration. He and I had hoped to go to Rolex this year, but instead, he will spend 2011 continuing to recover. On the up side, in 2010 I finally got to start riding at the Advanced Level, and finished my first CIC and CCI three star competitions. I also had a successful summer season competing Irish Odyssey at Intermediate, and a very gratifying summer season competing Sportsfield Rafiki at Preliminary. As a final major highlight, in 2010, Haygain, maker of the world's best hay steamers joined my team as a sponsor, and Equisilver, maker of incredible equine respiratory and wound care products continued to be my number one supporter.

2011 will see me continuing to fine tune and improve mine and my horses skills, particulary in dressage and jumping, as we progress toward our ultimate goal of being members of the United States team at some point in the future. Much of my work this year will probably involve bringing along my young horse, Bada Bing M2S, competing him at lower levels. My work with Sportsfield Rafiki will be focused on the Intermediate Level and hopefully, later on in the season, Advanced Level. I desperately want to get back to the Advanced Level, but that will proabaly have to wait until Call on Me is back, Sportsfield Rafiki is ready to step up to that level, or another Advanced horse comes along. When the horse is there, I know I'll be ready to take up where we left off after Bromont last year.

I continue to be very blessed with much success as a rider and competitior, and I hope to continue to do well to the very top of the sport of Eventing. As I continue competing in the upper levels of this sport, I am hoping to be able to continue to attract more sponsorship to help with my continued success in this very expensive endeavor, and maybe if I am very lucky, I will be able to continue riding for owners who will go with me to the very top.

I hope you enjoy my website. Check out my schedule, and come watch me ride sometime! If you can't make it to a horse trials, follow my season with me on twitter (CJEventing) or on my blog on this website. If you love horses, once you have seen the sport of Eventing, you'll be hooked!

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